Fifth about The Seventh

Guilty (2020)

Guilty: it does not take long, in Ruchi Narain’s drama, to realize that the film is moving towards a foregone conclusion; no matter how obvious it may be, however, it certainly carries a powerful message and a scathing critique of Indian society in times of the #MeToo movement. The film made the interesting choice of not having any particularly sympathetic characters. The performers, in particular the younger set, are all attractive, but their acting mostly misses the mark: Kiara Advani is a bit hammy as the troubled and loyal girlfriend; Taher Shabbir and Gurfateh Pirzada, by the other hand, do little more than be inexpressive hunkies. Cinematographer Andrew Boulter gives the film a stylish, polished look, which complements well the non-linear editing of Bodhaditya Banerjee (which can, however, be a bit confusing with all the flashbacks).

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