Fifth about The Seventh

The Chambermaid (La Camarista)

The Chambermaid: Lila Avilés’ small, quiet drama is an austere experience, but it invites a rare look at the backstage, so to say. The protagonist is a dignified, arduous worker, but she is also a bit too withdrawn; it’s easy to hope her plans come to fruition, but not to truly connect emotionally to her. There is little story to speak of; instead, her routine is closely looked at; she is merely a passenger, as changes to it always come from without. The performance of Gabriela Cartol is convincing, quiet and subtle, but far from apathetic. The film’s aesthetics is dry: most scenes unfurl in front of the static camera of cinematographer Carlos Rossini. The film moves at a slow pace, inviting a look at what the title character looks at every day.

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