Fifth about The Seventh

22 July

22 July: Paul Greengrass seems to be aware that as important as a terrorist attack itself are its after-effects, the trauma, fear and rage that result from it; the film shows a comprehensive view of many parties involved, enriching the experience. The attack sequence is shown brutally, quickly; scary as that is, however, it holds no candle when compared to the perpetrator trying to justify his actions. The film shows an elucidating contrast of the way the terrorist treated his victims with the way the society he wants to destroy treats him; it’s the difference between barbarism and civilization. Anders Danielsen Lie is both chilling and infuriating as the terrorist, in a very fine performance; Jonas Strand Gravli is also very good as the broken victim. The film has a cold, subdued look; director of photography Pål Ulvik Rokseth’s camerawork follows the usual Greengrass style, more intense during the attack and more discreet afterwards. Efficient editing by William Goldenberg.


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