Fifth about The Seventh

Rainbow: A Private Affair (Una Questione Privata)

Rainbow: A Private Affair: Paolo Taviani’s small war drama doesn’t provide much drama nor show much war. The film splits between a bucolic, dreamy (certainly far from nightmarish) view of war, memories and reveries, as it tells its unconvincing, unemotional story. Likewise, the main character is shown as an obsessive romantic hero but also a war-tested partisan, but fails to actually prove he is much of either (and his obsession hardly seems justified). The fault is not on Luca Marinelli’s acting, which is fine but forgettable. Valentina Bellè has a baffling character to play, but she does have the look of a mischievous ingénue down pat. The film has a pared down, almost naïve look; the pace is glacial (but the lack of an engaging story doesn’t help).

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