Fifth about The Seventh

Hang ‘Em High

Hang ‘Em High: in spite of an intriguing starting point, Ted Post’s western takes a few too many uninteresting and seemingly unrelated detours to stay at that level of interest. The revenge tale is thus weakened, while not much is gained. It doesn’t help matters that the main character is so unremarkable (and played with a healthy dose of mild mugging by Clint Eastwood); the most interesting character (the judge, well-played by Pat Hingle) at least brings some interesting views on the theme (the triptych of justice, barbarism and vigilantism); Inger Stevens carries her angular beauty with austerity, but is somewhat inexpressive. Dominic Frontiere’s music score, like the film itself, tries to do too much and becomes just a mishmash with its strongest moments clearly inspired by much superior scores. Visually the film is equally unmemorable, at times even ugly and cheap-looking; the action, likewise, is dull.

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