Fifth about The Seventh


Anon: while the concept of this Andrew Niccol’s science fiction is very intriguing, and some of the ideas discussed are very relevant on this day and age, the film nevertheless fails to deliver a satisfying story; there are distracting plot holes, and the resolution feels rather rushed and sloppy. The film’s tone has a justifiable coldness and sterility to it, which encompass the performances, the cinematography, the production design and the music. The acting is unemotional, almost robotic, something that is enhanced by the lack of eye contact between the characters (justifiably so given the mythology of this world); Amanda Seyfried and Clive Owen are effective within that framework. Amir Mokri’s camerawork is steady, precise, emulating the (thematically relevant) look of surveillance and captures nicely the retro-styled, sparse look of the spaces, clothes and objects.

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