Fifth about The Seventh


WildWild: when portraying a journey, as Jean-Marc Vallée is doing in this film, it helps if the landscape is spectacular (and it is, as well as beautifully captured by the cinematography of Yves Bélanger). However, even more important than the outer journey is the inner journey, and it’s merely serviceable here; the most interesting aspects of the story are not in the journey at all. Reese Witherspoon is solid, but unspectacular; the rest of the cast (including Laura Dern) aren’t given much screen time and barely register. Martin Pensa and Vallée’s editing strengthen the film.



  1. Is it still worth watching it? I really have just expectations for the wiews, as the book itself is driving nuts with so much boring details about the personal journey and the actrees iteself, according only with the pictures can not portrait the real history… I stiil have to finish though


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