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Casting a ballot – PGA Awards 2014

PGAIt’s a running tradition already. Once more, I’ll cast a fictional ballot for many awards (I’m going to restrict myself to the guild awards, as well as the Oscars); like I did last year, a note: I’m not a member of any guild, so this is merely my opinion on the matter. It’s not who I think will receive the award, merely who I think should. (It’s also unideal, since I haven’t seen a number of the nominees.)

The full list of nominees can be see at the PGA website, and the award will be given later today, January 24th, 2015. My vote would be:

Best Producer: Richard Linklater and Cathleen Sutherland for Boyhood

BoyhoodMuch like last year, the theme here is the courage it took the producers to have the courage to embark on a project that would take over a decade to be completed; furthermore, the vision to include the talent that was a part of the film. The unqualified artistic success just adds up to the reason why this is the best produced film of 2014.

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