Fifth about The Seventh


Mid90s: Jonah Hill’s tight little drama follows a path that has been trailed multiple times, but does so with an underlying sadness and low dosage of cuteness that make this a more realistic and interesting experience, even if being unsentimental ultimately detracts a bit from the whole. The main character’s need for company is justified and believable; he is rather well played by Sunny Suljic, with guileless energy, wide-open smile and doe-like eyes that are charming. Lucas Hedges has a harsh and thankless role, and he manages it equally well, subtly switching gears as needed. Na-kel Smith, as the head of the skating cadre, gives a very fine performance as well. The film has a good choice of music, including the fine original score by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. Cinematographer Christopher Blauvelt’s images contribute to give the film its sense of authenticity.

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