Fifth about The Seventh

Ocean’s Thirteen

Ocean’s Thirteen: Steven Soderbergh goes back to the origins in this threequel; the introduction of Al Pacino as the gaudy villain is a fine decision, as it gives the story focus and the crew a clear goal, one that is very relatable. The story has a simple start and doesn’t overly complicates things from there. The cast is having fun, and that translates to entertainment value: George Clooney and Brad Pitt repeat their great, know-each-other-too-well relationship; Matt Damon has a great playing partner in his preposterous prop nose; Ellen Barkin is another fine addition to the cast. It’s also a nice touch to have the film recall minor players from the previous entries. The below-the-line crew (music composer David Holmes, editor Stephen Mirrione, cinematographer “Peter Andrews”) is essentially the same, and continuing to do the same solid job that was done before; key here is production designer Philip Messina, who creates the ostentatious and distinctive target.

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